Toni Moretto Lo Scricciolo Italian Chess and Dog Clay Sculpture

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This is a delightful and amazing Italian Lo Scricciolo clay art piece of two men playing chess with dogs at their feet, sculpted and signed by Toni Moretto, this masterpiece was likely created during the 1960's. The details of this sculpture are both lifelike and cartoonish at the same time. The men have the long fingers that Moretto's art is known for. There appear to be two whiskey jugs, two dogs, a bone, a glass, chess pieces, a gunny sack, a spilled pot and other details. The sculpture measures 8 1/2" x 9 1/2" x 6 1/2".

The brim of one of the hats is chipped as well as a pinky finger (see the photos). The hat edge could be darkened which would likely make the chipped part unnoticeable. and you have to look very closely to see the finger. Many of Moretto pieces have small chips due to the fragile nature of his work. Overall this is a real conversation piece that everyone loves, made by a well known Italian sculptor.

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